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The Town Düsterrode

Düsterrode is a small town that has to defend itself against orcs and wild animals towards the forest. Style wise I wanted to try something different, push it a little to capture the feel of morning. The colors are a bit held back, which is a deliberate choice here because it works very well with the other maps.

While many ask: No, there was no 3D-Software involved at any point of the creation process. I usually just draw some perspective lines (here we have a 3-Point-Perspective) and start from there. After quite a bit of aligning - to be honest - so it looks good in the end.

Translation of the Key:
01 House of the Village Mayor, 02 The ‚Sylvan Tavern‘, 03 Blacksmith, 04 Temple of Peraine (Peraine is the Goddess of Agriculture and Healing), 05 Bothie of the Huntsman, 06 Graveyard / Borons Ground (Boron is the God of Death, the kind of blissful Forgetfulness that helps to overcome, Dreams, and Silence), 07 Well, 08 Farmsteads, 09 Watchtower

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